Panihati Mahavidyalaya


NAAC ACCREDIATED, Affiliated to West Bengal State University
Barasat Road, P.O.- Sodepur, Kolkata - 700110

Students Amenities

1. Concessions : The college gives financial assistance to the poor and meritorious students from our Welfare Fund. Only poor students who attend the classes regularly are eligible for financial assistance. Criteria for receiving concession from monthly tuition fees.

i) Candidates must have at least 75% attendance in all classes.
ii) Candidates must appear in all class tests during the current academic session.
iii) Candidates receiving any form of financial assistance from the state or central government are not eligible to receive concession.
iv) Candidates must apply for concession in plane paper with the income certificate of the respective head of the family and they must appear before the concession committee on the scheduled date and time as notified by the college.
2. College Common Room : There are separate Common Rooms for the purpose of study and recreation for male and female students, each managed by Students’ Union under the guidance of a Lecturer-in-charge. The Common Room is provided with magazine, newspaper, Table Tenis Boards and Carrom Boards. Students can play indoor games during off-periods.
3. College Canteen : A spacious canteen which has been recently renovated is run in the college campus for supplying hygenic food at subsidised rates to the students and the staff under the supervision of a Lecturer-in-charge. Meals are also provided against prior order.
4. Digital Smart Class Room : The college takes pride in introducing a fully modernized and high-tech Digital Smart Classroom with Audio-Visual teaching aids to enhance teaching learning experience at par with 21st Century mode of learning. This is done under the financial aid of M.P and M.L.A funds.
5. Auditorium : The College Auditorium with 300 seating capacity is used extensively to conduct periodic cultural and academic functions, with all modern amenities and advanced technology.
6. Students’ Health Home : The Institution is affiliated to the Students’ Health Home established by the Calcutta University with its main centre at Moulali. Students can avail medical facilities and specialised treatment in lieu of their annual membership subscription of Rs. 10/- (Ten) only per head as outlined here under :-

1) Consultation with General physicians as well as specialists in Eye, ENT, Dentistry, Surgery, Skin, Psychiatry, Medicine, Orthopaedics, Gynaecology, Neurology, Cardiology, Plastic Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Metabolic at free of cost.
2) Medicine at Rs. 2.00 per clinic,
3) X-ray (ordinary) at Rs. 25.00 ,
4) X-ray (Dental) at Rs. 10.00,
5) Physio therapy at Rs. 10.00
6) Pathology (routine) at Rs. 5.00
7) Pathology (Special) at Rs. 20.00
8) Spectacles at Rs. 40.00
9) E.C.G at Rs. 20.00
10) E.E.G at Rs. 30.00
11) Hospitalisation at Rs. 25.00
12) Hospitalisation for Surgery at Rs. 75.00
13) Bed Maintenances charges Rs. 10.00 (Per day)
14) For medicine in the hospital Rs. 2.00 (Per Day)
15) Minor operation (OPD) at Rs. 10.00
16) Dressing at Rs. 5
17) Injection at Rs. 3.00
18) Tooth : Extraction at Rs. 15.00, Sceling at Rs. 10.00, Filling at Rs. 5.00
19) Duplicate Card at Rs. 2.00
20) Triplicate Card at Rs. 5.00
7. Cycle Stand : A commodious shed in the college campus close to the college canteen, provides facilities to students for keeping their cycles during college hours through a coupon system However, it must be remembered by all con cerned that all kinds of vehicles and other properties may be kept in the college campus obviously at the total risk and responsibility of their owners.
8. Multi Gym :

Our institution offers the services/facilities of an Ultra modern multi-gym Complex which can be availed by all students towards ensuring their healthy growth both physically and mentally.

9. Alumni Association : An Alumuni Association, comprising all ex-students of our institution has been formed to enable them to interact on various issues/matters relating to college development/growth etc. The Alumuni meetings are regularly held with great enthusiasm & students support. It provides an opportunity to rebuild friendly ties & healthy relationship between the ex-students and that of the present.
10. College Magazine : The College Magazine is published once a year by the Students’ Union under the guidance of a Lecturer-in-charge. Every bonafide student is entitled to have a copy of it.
11. Games & Sports : Panihati Mahavidyalaya encourages all its students to participate in Games & Sports in an organised manner. To this effect, provision for Carom Board, Table Tennis, Volley Ball games are there. Besides, Annual Games and Sports are organised every year with colour.
12. Social & Cultural Programmes : The Institution holds annual social functions/ feasts regularly under the collective & generous Participation of our students community irrespective of their caste, creed and religion along with the participa- tion and suggestions of the entire faculty and non-teaching wings of our institution.
13. Computer Literacy Programme : Our students are encouraged to avail and enrol for the compulsory computer literacy Programme/classes at a nominal monthly fee of Rs. 20/= per month supported by practical demonstrations by our qualified faculty members wherefrom students benefit immensely.