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Panihati College


NAAC ACCREDITED, Affiliated to West Bengal State University
Barasat Road, P.O.- Sodepur, Kolkata - 700110

About the Department

The Undergraduate Department of Psychology offers a General Degree Course since 2018. The Department has 2 Guest Lecturers at present.

An Undergraduate Degree in Psychology under West Bengal State University enables enhancement of stress management skills and enhancement of coping skill with different problems in life. It also enables students to measure attitude, aptitude, interest, adjustment, skills etc. within the people. The Course also introduces counseling process and techniques as well as illustrates mental disorder and its treatment. The students also understand the development processes of adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood and late adulthood. They also gain acquaintance with the knowledge of interpersonal attraction and are Introduced to the field of cognition and psychological testing in general.


Mrs. Sahana Chakrabarti
Qualification : M. Sc. In Applied Psychology, PGDDRM(RCI registered)
Designation : Visiting Faculty
Area of Specialization : Clinical psychology & Rehabilitation management

Ms. Priyanka Oraon
Qualification : M.A.
Designation : Visiting Faculty
Area of Specialization : Counseling and Stess management

Ankita Biswas Mitra
Qualification : M.Sc.
Designation : Visiting Faculty

Lecture Notes/PPT

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Gender Discrimination Download
Psychology in Health & Law Download
Youth, Gender, and Violence Download