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Panihati College


NAAC ACCREDITED, Affiliated to West Bengal State University
Barasat Road, P.O.- Sodepur, Kolkata - 700110

About the Department

Botany has the distinction of being the first science subject to be taught in Panihati Mahavidyalaya. Mrs. Swapna Podder (Roy) took the responsibility of teaching the subject as a lecturer in the year 2000. The course was affiliated to B.Sc course of University of Calcutta from 2000-2009. From 2009 the college started running under WBSU rules and guidelines.

The B.Sc General course of Botany classes has been running with Chemistry and Zoology combination.


The department has been provided with one computer classroom with LCD projector and computer oriented teaching faculties.

The Central Library has about 500 subject books and the departmental library has about 70 books; regular book lending is available in the departmental as well as in the central library. The central library is provided with reputed journals of Botany for the future research purposes and guidance.

Laboratory: - a well equipped laboratory to cater the needs of the UG students with laboratory assistance is available.

Herbarium: - A herbarium is constructed in the department which consists of plant specimens belonging to more than fifty (50) families of Angiosperms; besides there is also collection of well preserved specimens of Algae, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms.

A small but well collection of Medicinal plants garden is maintained by the department too.

Excursion-short field tours to local areas and AJC BOSE BOTANIC GARDEN is organised by the department every year.

Syllabus:- WBSU UG General Syllabus (visit the website for CBCS)

Teaching Method

  1. Classroom Lectures
  2. Demonstration in Laboratory
  3. Field works in nearby areas
  4. Educational excursions to places of botanical interests
  5. Student’s seminar and extension lectures and group discussions
  6. Project work

Students Section

The department encourages the students to pursue higher education and education related courses

Students’ participation in the departmental as well as outside exhibitions in other colleges is also in regular practice.

Students participate in several co-curricular activities and take part in College Annual Sports, Fests and wins several prizes also

Student’s seminar and extension lectures by eminent lecturers of other colleges conducted every year by the department on different topics of their choice with relevance to the subject to enable students to expand the horizon of their knowledge.

Students organize “Fresher’s welcome” for the new students

Students participate in various welfare activities conducted by the NSS Committee of the college

Wall magazine named “Korak” (young bud) is a regular window of young students’ writings on the subject.


Mrs. Srirupa Mukherjee
Qualification : M.Sc.
Designation : State Aided College Teacher
Area of Specialization : Plant physiology and biochemistry


Ms. Sanchali Kundu
Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed.
Designation : State Aided College Teacher
Area of Specialization : Taxonomy of Angiosperm

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Lecture Notes/PPT

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