Panihati Mahavidyalaya


NAAC ACCREDIATED, Affiliated to West Bengal State University
Barasat Road, P.O.- Sodepur, Kolkata - 700110

Principal Message

Education is not a once for all process but it is a lifelong process.

Dr. Mukti Ganguly,(Principal) Panihati Mahavidyalaya

Moral education means development of right emotion, character and actual values. i.e formation of good habits, covering all aspects of one’s personality-moral, physical, social and mental.

Pupil-teacher relation are the bed rock or foundation of any system of education . It is enormously important at all levels of Indian education.

There is a close contact between teacher and the student in the institution.

In spite of poor economic condition of students, lack of awareness of the necessity of education, inadequacy of fund, Panihati Mahavidyalaya is trying to provide better service to the students because it is believed that if the teachers teach with zeal and interest the students are bound to take interest in the lesson and their performance will improve. Everyday new possibilities are increasing. Hope the institution will play important role in the field of educational development of country and we sincerely believe that the responses offered by the new intakes will surely help the colleges to respond more effectively to the changing educational scenario of our country.

For and on behalf of Panihati Mahavidyalaya.

Dr. Mukti Ganguly
Panihati Mahavidyalaya